Why Duraebond

Why Duraebond Mattresses


Duraebond mattress, your wellness expert, takes care of the time you spend sleeping with complete comfort and support. It gives comfort, durability and strength – ideal for a perfect sleeping system. Duraebond mattress comes with a unique and extra reward that helps body rest better and gives a share of sound sleep.

Subhash Chander Jangir, the sales director, Duraebond Mattress says: “The lack of proper sleep can cause various problems in human body. We design mattress ergonomically that suits person’s body to have a good eight hours sleep and lead a healthy life. We do not manufacture just mattresses; we give our users the concept of healthy sleep. Our mantra has always been – “Because You Deserve The Best”


Each Duraebond mattress comes packed with unique features that make the mattress the most appropriate sleeping system for the human body. It creates the least amount of lower back muscle tension and allows the spine to retain its natural shape. Some of its unique features are:

  • Provides ultimate support and comfort to body
  • Help maintain a natural blood circulation in the body
  • The mattresses are breathable and self-ventilating
  • Helps preventing backaches and other spinal disorders
  • Is the best body contour support sleeping system for the body
  • Maintains the optimum body temperature during sleep
  • Is an all season mattresses with dual sides for all four seasons.


Duraebond mattresses are duly approved by the “Bureau of Indian Standards” and are manufactured By “International organization for standardization” for international standards for business, society & organization, fulfilling all quality parameters. It’s the right posturepedic mattress which fulfills all medical, physiological and health requirements of human body. We design and craft these mattresses scientifically, in a state-of-art unit, with complete attention to details.

In addition to this, we use superior tapestry, high density PU foam, premium quality organic sheeting, extra thick comfort layers and breathers that allow the mattress to breathe.